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Welcome To
Living Water Wellness & Therapy

You deserve better for your Physical Therapy care.

*Tired of the healthcare run around.

*Tired of therapist bouncing.

*Tired of pain with no answers.

*Tired of busy clinics where you're left alone.

You've come to the right place.

Living Water Wellness & Therapy is perfect for you.

We help people with neck and back pain whose life has been altered due to the pain by addressing the actual cause preventing prolonged medical processes.

We travel to you with mobile physical therapy.

You'll receive answers to the persistent pain.

Even better you'll be able to overcome the pain

and return to Living Well for Life.



The purpose of Living Water Wellness & Therapy is to bring people out of distress and into a healthy life balance by addressing orthopedic neck and back pain. Through movement education and healthy lifestyle living and by addressing the clients primary concerns.  So that the person - the mind, will and emotions can be in good health and Live Well for Life!!!

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About Living Water Wellness & Therapy

Living Water Wellness and Therapy is a mobile physical therapy provider.  We are located in Gary, IN and serve the surrounding Northwest Indiana area. We specialize in addressing neck and back pain.  What sets us apart is that we are committed to addressing the whole person. We are able to provide nutrition education as well as stress management strategies. We are sure to listen to you in order to provide you with the best plan possible for your recovery and return to Living Well For Life.


Ashton G/Contractor

Dr. Kirkland is the best!!  One morning I woke up with shooting pain from my neck down my arm. I called Dr. K 911.  In 90 minutes I could move normal with a tiny ache!

Christine M/Nurse

Dr. Charles Kirkland is the GOAT of physical therapy!!! I've worked with many PTs and he tops them all. His compassion and attention to my story was very appreciated. He helped me when others couldn't.

Ava K/Designer

I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Kirkland who relieved my back pain in one visit. It was difficult to sit and drive. He took his time with me and I wasn't rushed by a tech. I had complete relief that day. I only required a couple of follow ups to keep the pain away.
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