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Dr. Charles Kirkland

Thank you for visiting Living Water Wellness and Therapy.  Dr. Kirkland started this business because of the need for higher quality of care in physical therapy.  He has have been a physical therapist since May 2000.  Over the years he has witnessed the increase of frustration from his patients with healthcare.  The complaints have been "bouncing between therapists, seeing multiple physicians before the issue is solved, NO ONE IS LISTENING TO ME, my insurance won't allow me to address all my challenges."

Dr. Kirkland helps people with neck and back pain whose life has been altered due to the pain by addressing the actual cause and preventing prolonged medical processes.

His own frustration comes from the complaint of clients that the busyness of a typical clinic where every 30 minutes a patient walks in takes away from their care.  He constantly has to shift his focus from person to person and someone will always lose out on what Dr. Kirkland has to offer. His patient's express how they wait patiently until he can focus on them again. Which means people suffer in pain longer than they should. Dr. Kirkland is very capable of helping people overcome pain in a much more efficient manner. That is what he has decided to do.

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My Bio

Dr. Charles Kirkland


Fellowship in Orthopedics

Dr. Charles Kirkland specializes in orthopedics with a focus in manual therapy. He has experience in every aspect of physical therapy but excels in treating orthopedic neck and back pain. Dr. Kirkland has been practicing physical therapy for twenty-four years. His goals are to continue his manual therapy treatment focus for the spine. Dr. Kirkland's training allows him to develop effective return to function programs and functional preventative injury programs.


He has also been certified as a Performance Enhancement Specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (PES-NASM) since 2003.  He has recently completed Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy training. Commonly know as the McKenzie method A-D as of spring 2023. He is also certified as a healthy lifestyle coach through the Diabetes Training and Technical Assistance Center (DTTAC) at Emory University.


Dr. Kirkland completed a post graduate residency program through the Ola Grimsby Institute (OGI). He completed OGI’s Doctorate of manual therapy program in 2007 and completed the Fellowship program in 2008.


Dr. Kirkland received a bachelor’s degree in health and physical education from Morehouse College in May 1997. He graduated from Creighton University in 2000 where he received his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree (DPT). He was the first African American male in the United States to earn the DPT degree.

Dr. Kirkland looks forward to the opportunity to help you overcome your neck and/or back pain to return to living well for life.


Dr. Kirkland is looking forward to helping you return to life without that nagging pain.

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